The Zany Rock Music Fetish Fairytale

Debbie Rakotomalala

Debbie Rakotomalala stumbled upon Scary Cow at its inception and joined after verifying that it was not a cult.  It has changed her life.   She has gotten experience she never would have by going the regular route, and in such a short time.  In the last few years, she has worked on over 20 films, and has learned enough to pitch her own project soon.  Debbie was born during the Pleistocene Age and watched black and white TV as a child. Her mother told her she would go blind doing this.  Debbie didn’t care and continued watching “Lassie” and “The Twilight  Zone”.

Debbie has spent a number of dog years in the “helping” fields, mainly social work and more recently as a Spanish medical interpreter.   Although fed up to the gills with social work, this background has helped shape her networking and producer skills.  Debbie appreciates the collaboration and “being present” nature of filmmaking.  No day-dreaming about last night’s adventures or chocolate mousse in this venue!
With luck and hard work, Debbie hopes to continue the writing, acting, producing, directing aspects of filmmaking.  (Actually, the truth is that Debbie hopes to just “be discovered” by a talent agent).