The Zany Rock Music Fetish Fairytale


Hella Fresh Films Presents
In Association with Scary Cow Productions

Devious, Inc.

Directed by xuxE
Screenplay by Kia Resnick and Bryan Snowden
Story and lyrics by xuxE
Produced by Samantha Sullivan and Romanus Wolter
Music by xuxE and JasWho?
Director of Photography: Tom Krymkowski
Executive Producers: Samantha Sullivan and Steve Byrne
Edited by Brian Doom
Production Design by Samantha Sullivan
Associate Producers: Monique Jenkinson, Debbie Rakotomalala, and Michael Soldier
First Assistant Director: Romanus Wolter
Post Production Supervisor: Tom Krymkowski
Supervising Sound Editor: Jeromey Shafer
Camera “A” Samir Sinha
Camera “B” Tom Krymkowski and Brian Doom
Camera Assistant: Tarisai Garande
Continuity: Arlene Del Orbe
Production Sound: Michael Schrecker, Todd Dubnicoff, Ken Gulley, and Jeromey Shafer
Chief Lighting: Rich Wells
Key Grip: Brian Doom
Grip: Charlie Panian
Production Assistant: Cher Nobyl
Story Board and Original Artwork: Kenshi Westover
Graphic Design: Conrad Cimarra
Set Builder: Ken Gulley
Arouse-O-meter Design: Kate Richards
Choreography: Tina Banchero and Richelle Donigan
Titles: Brian Doom
VFX Graphic Artist: Diane rinella
Visual FX Artists: Sergey Berezin, Brian Doom, David Davis, John Pilgrim, and Drew Stephens
Animators: Neel Eargood, Ken Gulley, Drew Stephens, and Kenshi Westover
Colorist: John Pilgrim
ADR Engineers: Jeromey Shafer, JasWho?, Foley Kyle Copeland, Jeromey Shafer, and Sterling Somes
Sound Editing: Michael Schrecker, Jeromey Shafer, and Noah Southall
Re-Recording Mixer: James Lebrecht
Mix Studio: Berkeley Sound Artists

Glam Squad

Key Hair/Make-up: Christen McClelland
Specialty Wigs: Ric Ray
Bitch’s Make-up and wardrobe: Monique Jenkinson
Bitch’s Hats and magic shoes: Ric Ray
Ron’s transformation make-up: Michael Soldier
Ms. Bigstuff Make-up and wardrobe: Michael Soldier
Hope’s hair, make-up and wardrobe: Brian Sanderson/ Fruitbomb
Barbi’s hair, make-up and wardrobe: Eddie Bell
Kamera’s hair, make-up and wardrobe: Sandra O. Noshi-Di’n’t
Ursula’s hair, make-up and wardrobe: Kim Burly/Cody Caronna
Lola’s make-up and wardrobe: BeBe Sweetbriar
Lily’s make-up and wardrobe: L. Ron Hubby
Sashimi ’s make-up and wardrobe: Kenshi Westover
Hellvetica’s make-up and wardrobe: Paul E. Pratt
Mint Tulip’s wig, make-up and wardrobe: Kegel Kater
Nail tech’s hair, make-up and wardrobe: Niki Khanna
Kitten On The Key’s hair and makeup: Suzanne Ramsey
Shabadoo’s wig and wardobe: Ric Ray
Vainan Tite’s wig, make-up and wardrobe: Jeremiah Broom
Galactigogo’s hair, make-up and wardrobe: Diane Rinella
Customer’s hair, make-up and wardrobe: The Devil-Ettes
Minion’s hair, make-up and wardrobe: The Devil-Ettes