The Zany Rock Music Fetish Fairytale

screenplay by Kia Resnick

Though she studied screenwriting at City College of San Francisco, Kia Resnick had absolutely no qualifications for the Devious project. Honestly. xuxE had to clue her in to exactly what constitutes a fetish, and Bryan wrote the kinky scenes.

At 18, in an attempt to emulate Odysseus, Kia took off for the South Pacific. Being a lone teenage girl in Tonga bore no resemblance to any heroic voyage, but she stayed away for 18 years, living in India, Austria, Egypt, Australia, Indonesia and the UK—and those are just the vowels.

Kia owns only one pair of shoes, and has no idea how those restraints got into her closet.

Bryan Snowden is the cowriter of the Devious Movie, Inc. screenplay.