The Zany Rock Music Fetish Fairytale

produced by Romanus Wolter

Romanus graduated from the American University with a Masters in International Business. He wrote his first children’s book “Trunkus the Traveling Mousyphant” at the age of twenty and has pursued his passion for writing ever since. As an author of three inspirational “how-to” books and articles his words have been translated into multiple languages and published around the globe.

Romanus began his film career as a Script Supervisor and Assistant Director for independent short films in San Francisco. He then began two full-length screen plays, producing and directing a number of short films and then began work on Devious, Inc. Romanus’ next feature is a feel-good family film titled “Doggie Boogie: Get Your Grrrr On!”

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Samantha Sullivan is coproducer of Devious, Inc. Movie.