The Zany Rock Music Fetish Fairytale

produced by Samantha Sullivan

Samantha Sullivan has been a film addict since she was 5 years old. Growing up in Vermont, she spent most of her childhood at the drive-in, at matinees or watching cable presentations of the same 5 movies in rotation. She was encouraged to get a proper education by her family but just one year at the University of Vermont sent her looking for something more lascivious.

Her first foray into arts was to study Fashion Design at F.I.T. in NYC. After realizing that she loved the art but couldn’t fathom a life of working in the fashion industry she transferred to the Interior Design Program at NYSID also in Manhattan. She has worked in the Interior Design field since 1996 and opened her own company ATMOSPHERE design collaborative in 2007 in the East Bay of California.

The freedom of her own company gave her control over her schedule and she decided it was time to find a way to work in movies. With a background in Fashion and Interior Design she thought she would be an asset in Production Design. So, as well as starting her own company, in 2007 she connected with the SF based Scary Cow Productions film making collaborative and dove into the process. Her project management skills balanced with her love of the visual arts pushed her into a position of Producer.

Her first project paired her with dynamic writer/director xuxE. Their first project was a concept trailer for a film that did not exist. Their project, Devious, Inc., was a dark comedy about rival fetish agencies. Many shorts later, Samantha and xuxE reunited to develop the feature length musical comedy version of that concept.
How, you ask, can someone with no film experience or education pull off making a feature length film just two years after getting involved with the industry? Samantha attributes a tenacious nature and large ta-tas to her success.

Romanus Wolter is coproducer of Devious Movie, Inc.