The Zany Rock Music Fetish Fairytale

directed by xuxE

Photo by Jose Guzman Colon. Shoes by Paolo Iantorno.

xuxE began honing her craft of directing at a very young age, showing an early fascination with musical comedy such as Scooby-doo and the Muppet show. She established a rigorous daily regimen of TV research, much like a young gymnast. She soon put her research to work and at age 8 she directed and produced a hit musical revue of the movie “Grease” with a cast of seven in Kristen Thibodeau’s back yard. The sold out performance received rave reviews, generating quite a buzz on the street.

From these auspicious beginnings, xuxE began a quest to infuse herself with a broad musical knowledge. She began with Catholic hymns, and soon found herself performing solo at the famous “Clowns-a-Poppin'” gala fundraiser at Saint Joseph’s, where her interpretation of “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” earned a standing ovation. After some years performing in the church, she looked for inspiration from the East, studying ukulele in Hawaii at the prestigious Roy Sakuma studio, and singing with the Hawaiian Children’s Chorus which toured all across the island of Oahu. Building from these fundamentals led her to take a lead role in Japan as a member of the St. Maur International School Spirit Club, and finally to select invitation-only performances at Notre Dame High School in Talofofo, Guam.
Eager to bring her diverse musical knowledge back to America, she soon landed leading roles in the productions of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” and “Glass Menagerie” at the acclaimed Robeson County Community Theatre in North Carolina. Just on the cusp of becoming a worldwide sensation, her path took a serious and perhaps tragic turn as she was approached by her parents with a request to fulfil their lifelong dreams of college and a successful career in finance. Faced with this monumental decision, she embraced her parent’s wishes, completed college, and dutifully sought to uphold the family tradition of corporate ladder-climbing.

Having reached the pinnacle of success in the investment world in 2002, she decided to make a come-back in the music world, landing a coveted job in the garage of the esteemed record label “Imperial Dub Recordings”, home of the Dubtribe Soundsystem. After catching music fever once again, she aggressively began to reclaim her past glory, launching the Soulmine Records label in San Francisco, and of course later forming the Band “Placenta”, lauded in the national and international press and favorite at the annual Mamapalooza festival in New York.

At the height of the band’s fame, she felt that something was still missing, and chose to take a soul-searching sabbatical in which she re-connected with her love of writing and directing. She joined the fledgling ScaryCow filmmaking Co-op and rose through the ranks by writing and directing musical short films such as “Spaceman” and “Homeless Love”, together with sought-after producer Samantha Sullivan. Out of this success, xuxE and Samantha created the production company “Hella Fresh Films”, cementing their place at the top of the industry with “Devious, Inc.”, the world’s first fetish musical comedy.